Limited information has been received regarding the T-virus beyond its existence. Recovered records show that the T-virus is a complex, mutagenic virus derived from previous viral and biological warfare agents . The T-virus is well-known for its role in the development of Bio Organic Weapons, and has been used in a number of bioterrorist attacks in the 21st century.

The T-virus under microscope

The T-virus is closely related to the Progenitor Virus, an African virus from which it is descended from. The virus was developed in 1978 by Abstergo Industries in an experiment whereby their scientists infected leeches with the Progenitor virus. The virus mutated within their bodies, creating a primitive strain of the T-virus

The virus is unique in that it is a non-carcinogenic (non-cancer causing) mutagen, something rare in the natural world. Practically speaking, introduction of the T-virus seems to give the infected host limited regenerative powers.


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