Shotgun-wielding, drunk and diabolic Panty-Inspector (inspector de panty) - Aka, The Final Adjuducator.


Forced Entry – zero
M16 – not so much
Rhymin’ and Stealin’ – Most illingest b-boy


Tony Mike, inventor of the tactical vest and fire ax, found his plans to create a world-wide hip hop empire and clothing line hampered by the zombie apocalypse. Underterred, he now seeks to rid the nation of this menace and once again make the world safe for baggy, overpriced pants. Armed only with a shotgun (and an almost total ignorance of stealth or forced entries), he fights a one-man war (along with his companions, who are each in turn fighting their own one-man wars), and he will not rest, not even to drop a deuce, until all the bad guys are bitch-slapped into a red stain across the barrel of his gun.


GURPS War Z tMike