Master Gunnery Sergeant E. C. Tsai

"Don't run away. You'll only die tired."


Heh…like this would actually ever happen IRL



Enlisted, 14 February 1994
Recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA
MGySgt Tsai graduated from Scout Sniper School in Kaneohe Bay, HI after his first tour with 2d Battalion, 3d Marine regiment, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit under the command of then-Colonel J. R. Bates. While enlisted, Tsai completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Philosophy and continued to earn his Jurisdoctorate, but chose to remain a staff-non-commissioned officer and favored small 1-or-2 man missions to conduct surveillance and target acquisition.

During the initial outbreak of the T-virus, Tsai reconnected with General J.R. Bates, Commanding General of USCENTCOM. Under CENTCOM, Tsai was responsible for the destruction of hundreds, if not thousands, of enemy forces and pioneered techniques in using fast-paced target acquisition of neck and brain-stem shots from as far away as 800 meters using only the M40A1.

Currently, Tsai is stationed with USCENTCOM. His current whereabouts are considered classified.

Master Gunnery Sergeant E. C. Tsai

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