Session 1.7

Session 1.7 was played on June 17, 2012

Present were:


After springing the coop with Goofballs out of the Carcineria, we emerged to find that those Abstergo nitwits had lost control of the town to the zombies. We stole past the baleful horde of unliving into a small coffee shop that housed a train depot.

After we activated a switch, a train arrived. I was hoping it would be from the land of ice cream and happiness, but instead ‘twas full of zombies. Felix climbed up to the top of the train to get a look at what was in the control room. We entered the tram to the sight of 30 zombies sitting suspiciously neatly in each seat and banging noises that didn’t sound like sweet lovemaking coming from the control room (which contained, guess what, more zombies!).

After some precautionary decapitations, and an attempt by Felix to shoot through the glass in the front of the tram, we all freaked out when one zombie fell out of its chair and Keystone Kops’d (it’s a verb now!) it out of the tram. After having a good old laugh at ourselves, we hopped back on the tram and resumed a-killin’. A grenade toss into the control room and some more decapitating later, the tram began moving – fast.

Felix had the enormous misfortune of having to hang on for his dear Teutonic life as the tram hurtled with great rapidity toward some fiery debris. The rest of us frantically looked for some kind of emergency stop switch. The Spaniards of Losa del Obispo evidently have different ideas about safety from you or I; as the vacancy in the driver’s seat did not trigger an emergency stop; nor was there an obvious emergency stop in the cockpit. Eventually we found a means of halting the train in the floor.

Slightly too late that is. The brake stopped us just in time to send us flying flaming debris-ward.