Session 1.6

Session 1.5 was played on 2012-05-12

Players present:

We went below the Carniceria to rescue Goofballs.

After a hallway, we entered some sort of Licker observation area. On the opposite end of the room was a (presumably locked) door and a computer console, on our left and right were 3 sets of cells, each containing 2 Lickers, who at least initially appeared to be uninterested in us.

Ben went over to the computer console and attempted to hack it. While he worked his way into the system, bars raised and blocked Ben, Todd, Eric and Bob in the room with Katie and T-Mike back in the hallway. Additionally trap doors in the ceiling opened and dropped a handful of zombies into the central area. Eric and I attempted to kill them with melee weapons, in order to not attract the attention of the Lickers. Unfortunately certain unnamed others decided otherwise and the Lickers started breaking through the plate glass separating them from us.

After a couple rounds of furious activity, Ben was successful in unlocking the door, but behind it lurked a man who will go unnamed. While Goodemote lay bleeding on the ground, Tony-Mike and Katie struggled to reach some grenades outside and Bob tried to keep the zombies in the room dead or at least busy, Ben and Todd fought valiantly with he will go unnamed. His unholiness had the upper hand until Ben remembered he still had his super pill.

When the dust settled, the zombies were down, Tony-Mike had a grenade and a flashbang, the evil midsection had escaped into one of the trap doors in the ceiling and Katie and Eric were back to full strength thanks to a first aid spray Ben found in one of his pockets.

We ventured down the hallway, and found Goofballs hooked up to a computer. A old man stepped forward and told us. “He’s all the way in, he’s too far gone.”


Thanks, Bobby!

Session 1.6