Session 1.5

Session 1.5 was played on 2012-04-7

Players present:

Last session ended in a brick-walled safe house with shaggy carpet and comfortable accommodations. The heroes spent the evening hours recuperating.

  • Much to the dismay of the heroes, Abstergo guards had already established a presence there. The heroes fended off their advances, but not before T-Mike took a shotgun shot to the chest. As the heroes returned fire, T-Mike was revived by, gasp! Dr. Van Der Haar! T-Mike returned to the fight and helped stop the Abstergo menace!
  • The heroes eluded the onslaught of zombies by moving south and then east parallel to the zombie column. The heroes look north towards Avenguda de La Serrania and see the good doctor slaughtering a checkpoint meant to herd zombies West. He notices the heroes observing him, pulls out a piece of paper and affixes it to a guard’s head with a knife.
  • The note reads: “Heroes: You are likely looking for my laboratory. Your friend is locked up in the Cerveceria. The entrance to the laboratory is located in the basement of the Pan Y Dulces Carneceria.”