Session 1.4

Session 1.4 was played on 2012-03-17

Players present:

  • When we ended last session, we had just finished “rescuing” Evan and Goofballs, though by the time we’ve gotten there Goofballs has been kidnapped. Evan says that he’s going after Goofballs regardless of what the rest of the group is going to do. We decide that our sniper will be more effective with a spotter and thus agree to assist in the rescue.
  • As we’re milling about on the outside of the city wall, Bobby notices a red dot on Felix’s chest. It seems that we’re still engaged with the enemy! We’re not in a good spot to defend against this. As such, Felix takes a shot to his right shoulder, thus disabling his arm. The rest of us manage to make it to the wall unscathed. As I approach the wall, I toss one of the orange smoke grenades over. This provides us with some much needed cover (so we can hop the wall without exposing ourselves and getting taken out) but it also gives us a bee line from the sniper’s laser sight, thus revealing his position.
  • Evan and I hop the wall and make our way to the building that houses our assailant. Katie, Eric, and Bob aren’t far behind. Katie and Eric enter the building after the first team does while Bob chooses to stay outside and cover the exits.
  • As Bob is finding a good position, he sees someone hop from the roof of the building that we’re in to one next door. He gives chase.
  • Meanwhile, Evan and I are getting to the third floor of our building as quickly as we can in order to take out the sniper. Katie and Eric are clearing rooms behind us (not the most tactically sound position, but time is of the essence!).
  • While clearing one of the rooms, the Goodemotes find a couple of bodies. Perhaps not surprisingly, they turn out to be Zeds.
  • Though wounded, Felix is still engaged. He’s set up on the outside of the wall, steadying his weapon with his off hand and scanning the area where we believe the sniper to be.
  • Evan and I reach the room where we believe the sniper to be. It looks like a normal apartment. I make my way around a couch and find someone who appears to be Abstergo security. He has a pistol drawn and it seems that I’ve walked right into his line of fire. Somehow, I manage to kick away his pistol while Evan comes up behind him and pistol whips him in the head.
  • At this point, the Goodemotes aren’t doing so well. Both have been grappled by one of the undead and have sustained neck wounds. However, they recover tactically and are able to give the ghouls their final rest.
  • Lest we forget about Bob, as he’s making his way up to the top of the building, he runs into Dr. Alan Van der Haar! After a bit of a standoff, the doctor attempts to escape at which point Bob lets some lead fly. The doctor closes to melee distance at which Bob plugs him (don’t try that at home, kids; Bob’s a professional). Upon the doctor’s retreat, he gets shot at again by Bob. But he is able to escape by jumping from the roof to the ground! Don’t try that at home.
  • After the behind-the-couch assailant is dealt with, the bedroom door closest to us explodes due to a gun being shot at us through it. Luckily for us, we still have an ace in the hole. Despite his dominant hand being crippled, Felix is able to land a couple of rounds on our assailant, thus putting him out of commission.
  • A search of the apartment turns up a wanted poster for Felix. It appears that Abstergo is after him!
  • We end the session by regrouping at which point I produce some First Aid Spray to heal our recently bitten comrades.


We omitted the glorious interrogation scene! As I recall, we were trying to get the Abstergo dude to tell us about Doctor van der Haar and where Goofballs was. Eventually Evan came by and beat out of the guy that Goofballs is in the lab. If my recollection is correct, I’ll add it to this log.

Session 1.4