Session 1.3

Session 1(3) was played on 2012-02-26.

Players present

Session Summary

  • We ended the last session in City Hall after a fire fight with some security guards. As we start searching the bodies, we hear a radio communication from one of the bodies essentially telling us that our time here is limited; someone heard the commotion and now know that the team sent to investigate this location is down.
  • We make a hasty search of what bodies we can and then proceed to vacate premises. We find what amounts to an aerosolized green herb, which is used on Eric and Bob to get them back to consciousness
  • As we’re leaving City Hall, we are told that there are patrols of Humvees roving the area.
  • We hole up and plot our next course of action. Looking at one of the tourist brochures swiped from City Hall, we see that there’s a pharmacy on the North end of town. As it turns out the subway station that, in theory, leads to the lab that we’re supposed to get to is near there, so it seems like a good direction to head in.
  • We then receive word that a man in a lab coat has been spotted in the southeast section of the city. Upon hearing that, Tony-Mike starts booking it with Felix right behind. Katie and Ben stay behind with our slower moving (due to injuries) companions.
  • Tony and Felix arrive at the building that is pointed out by our observer and decide to go in. It seems that the scientist doesn’t want to parlay; when Felix confronts him, the scientist starts shooting! While this is all going on, the rest of the party arrives and stakes out positions hoping to cut off any escape the scientist might make.
  • A game of cat and mouse ensues in the building between Felix and the scientist. As soon as Felix thinks that he has the guy cornered, the man jumps out of a second story window!
  • As the guy lands in front of Ben, Felix shoots him in the leg. He doesn’t appear too phased by that and the fact that Ben has a gun trained on him. Incidentally, the scientist seems to recognize Ben, though the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual. He starts to run (very quickly!) as a grenade-shaped item drops to the ground. Ben runs from this.
  • It turns out the grenade was a flashbang. Many of the party are temporarily stunned by it.
  • Given the speed at which he was running, the group decides that a foot race is not advisable. Instead, we decide to see what the scientist was doing here. A search of the building turns up a laptop with some video files of animal testing of the T-Virus on it and a security card. The latter seems to be one half of the entry into the subway (the other half being the corresponding retina scan)
  • At this point, we receive word that Evan and Jeff’s position has been compromised and that they are under fire. Not wanting to leave a man in a bad position, we decide that the best course of action is to help out.
  • We make our way to a section of the outer wall that is only about 5 feet tall. Over it, we can see a hill that has a group of armed men making their way up it. We receive confirmation that the top of this hill is where our compatriots are holed up.
  • The majority of our group makes its way over the wall. Felix, being a crack shot, decides it better to hang back and use the wall as a brace.
  • We engage the group and sustain casualties: Katie, Eric, and Bobby all go down (the latter two really didn’t have a chance due to their previous wounds)! But the group prevails. The session ends with Ben producing a First Aid Spray and getting the wounded back to full health.



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