Session 1.2

  • We started at the gas station. While preparing for entry into the city, two trucks rolled up!
  • Eric and Bob decided to two man it up to one of the trucks all sneaky like to have a look at the cargo.
  • They get inside. Upon opening one of a couple of boxes in the back, it appears to be filled with plastic bags (approx 7’ long)
  • While those two were in the back of the truck, one of the truckmen’s radio goes off. It’s time for them to move.
  • As Katie and I see the trucks start to move, Bob signals over the radio that he thinks that this might be our way into the city.
  • Since we don’t have the benefit of time, Katie and I more or less run to try to get into the truck with Bob and Eric.
  • Oh noes… on our approach, it looks like we were spotted. Katie and I hit the dirt and train our weapons on the approaching truckmen. Meanwhile, Bob smartly closes the back of the truck so he and Eric aren’t spotted.
  • They decide that they have better things to do than look for what was likely a deer or something and get back in their trucks.
  • Katie and I finish our approach and hop on the back of the truck. After some shenanigans, all four of us are in the cargo hold of the truck.
  • A short ride later and we appear to be in the interior of the fence. However, we’re stuck in the back of the truck as the truckmen latched the door from the outside since we got in.
  • We wait for them to come in and grab one of the boxes (which we know to be pretty heavy since Bob tried to move one earlier).
  • In accordance with the prophecy, a couple of guys come in to grab one of the boxes. We’re hiding behind the other boxes, hoping that they’ll leave the door open.
  • And they do! After checking that the coast is clear, we jump truck and make our way to what appears to be a government building of some sort.
  • Inside are some offices with computers and whatnot. Of note, there’s a room with a metal door and a keypad.
  • Katie correctly guesses the combination on the keypad to be the year of the city’s incorporation (which she saw on one of the tourism brochures in one of the offices)
  • Inside appears to be a server room, though there is more equipment here than an office of this size would suggest. There’s also a terminal.
  • I access the terminal. There’s a bunch of boring government-looking documents and one folder that appears to be locked down quite a bit tighter than the others.
  • As I’m trying to gain access, some security guards come by. It would appear that our egress from the trucks didn’t go unnoticed!
  • A firefight ensues. I (perhaps unwisely in retrospect) keep at the computer work while Katie, Eric, and Bob shoot it out with the security guards.
  • I unlock the folder while the firefight is still going on. Almost as soon as I join the fray, Eric and Bob are taken down. Oh noes!
  • I chuck a grenade in their general direction. One of the guards attempts to pick it up and throw it back, but Katie says “nuh uh” and shoots him for his trouble.
  • The grenade explodes, and the rest of the firefight concludes w/o incident.
  • Bob and Eric are still in a bad way. They’re going to need first aid of some sort sooner than later.



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