Session 1.7

Session 1.7 was played on June 17, 2012

Present were:


After springing the coop with Goofballs out of the Carcineria, we emerged to find that those Abstergo nitwits had lost control of the town to the zombies. We stole past the baleful horde of unliving into a small coffee shop that housed a train depot.

After we activated a switch, a train arrived. I was hoping it would be from the land of ice cream and happiness, but instead ‘twas full of zombies. Felix climbed up to the top of the train to get a look at what was in the control room. We entered the tram to the sight of 30 zombies sitting suspiciously neatly in each seat and banging noises that didn’t sound like sweet lovemaking coming from the control room (which contained, guess what, more zombies!).

After some precautionary decapitations, and an attempt by Felix to shoot through the glass in the front of the tram, we all freaked out when one zombie fell out of its chair and Keystone Kops’d (it’s a verb now!) it out of the tram. After having a good old laugh at ourselves, we hopped back on the tram and resumed a-killin’. A grenade toss into the control room and some more decapitating later, the tram began moving – fast.

Felix had the enormous misfortune of having to hang on for his dear Teutonic life as the tram hurtled with great rapidity toward some fiery debris. The rest of us frantically looked for some kind of emergency stop switch. The Spaniards of Losa del Obispo evidently have different ideas about safety from you or I; as the vacancy in the driver’s seat did not trigger an emergency stop; nor was there an obvious emergency stop in the cockpit. Eventually we found a means of halting the train in the floor.

Slightly too late that is. The brake stopped us just in time to send us flying flaming debris-ward.

Session 1.6

Session 1.5 was played on 2012-05-12

Players present:

We went below the Carniceria to rescue Goofballs.

After a hallway, we entered some sort of Licker observation area. On the opposite end of the room was a (presumably locked) door and a computer console, on our left and right were 3 sets of cells, each containing 2 Lickers, who at least initially appeared to be uninterested in us.

Ben went over to the computer console and attempted to hack it. While he worked his way into the system, bars raised and blocked Ben, Todd, Eric and Bob in the room with Katie and T-Mike back in the hallway. Additionally trap doors in the ceiling opened and dropped a handful of zombies into the central area. Eric and I attempted to kill them with melee weapons, in order to not attract the attention of the Lickers. Unfortunately certain unnamed others decided otherwise and the Lickers started breaking through the plate glass separating them from us.

After a couple rounds of furious activity, Ben was successful in unlocking the door, but behind it lurked a man who will go unnamed. While Goodemote lay bleeding on the ground, Tony-Mike and Katie struggled to reach some grenades outside and Bob tried to keep the zombies in the room dead or at least busy, Ben and Todd fought valiantly with he will go unnamed. His unholiness had the upper hand until Ben remembered he still had his super pill.

When the dust settled, the zombies were down, Tony-Mike had a grenade and a flashbang, the evil midsection had escaped into one of the trap doors in the ceiling and Katie and Eric were back to full strength thanks to a first aid spray Ben found in one of his pockets.

We ventured down the hallway, and found Goofballs hooked up to a computer. A old man stepped forward and told us. “He’s all the way in, he’s too far gone.”

Session 1.5

Session 1.5 was played on 2012-04-7

Players present:

Last session ended in a brick-walled safe house with shaggy carpet and comfortable accommodations. The heroes spent the evening hours recuperating.

  • Much to the dismay of the heroes, Abstergo guards had already established a presence there. The heroes fended off their advances, but not before T-Mike took a shotgun shot to the chest. As the heroes returned fire, T-Mike was revived by, gasp! Dr. Van Der Haar! T-Mike returned to the fight and helped stop the Abstergo menace!
  • The heroes eluded the onslaught of zombies by moving south and then east parallel to the zombie column. The heroes look north towards Avenguda de La Serrania and see the good doctor slaughtering a checkpoint meant to herd zombies West. He notices the heroes observing him, pulls out a piece of paper and affixes it to a guard’s head with a knife.
  • The note reads: “Heroes: You are likely looking for my laboratory. Your friend is locked up in the Cerveceria. The entrance to the laboratory is located in the basement of the Pan Y Dulces Carneceria.”
Session 1.4

Session 1.4 was played on 2012-03-17

Players present:

  • When we ended last session, we had just finished “rescuing” Evan and Goofballs, though by the time we’ve gotten there Goofballs has been kidnapped. Evan says that he’s going after Goofballs regardless of what the rest of the group is going to do. We decide that our sniper will be more effective with a spotter and thus agree to assist in the rescue.
  • As we’re milling about on the outside of the city wall, Bobby notices a red dot on Felix’s chest. It seems that we’re still engaged with the enemy! We’re not in a good spot to defend against this. As such, Felix takes a shot to his right shoulder, thus disabling his arm. The rest of us manage to make it to the wall unscathed. As I approach the wall, I toss one of the orange smoke grenades over. This provides us with some much needed cover (so we can hop the wall without exposing ourselves and getting taken out) but it also gives us a bee line from the sniper’s laser sight, thus revealing his position.
  • Evan and I hop the wall and make our way to the building that houses our assailant. Katie, Eric, and Bob aren’t far behind. Katie and Eric enter the building after the first team does while Bob chooses to stay outside and cover the exits.
  • As Bob is finding a good position, he sees someone hop from the roof of the building that we’re in to one next door. He gives chase.
  • Meanwhile, Evan and I are getting to the third floor of our building as quickly as we can in order to take out the sniper. Katie and Eric are clearing rooms behind us (not the most tactically sound position, but time is of the essence!).
  • While clearing one of the rooms, the Goodemotes find a couple of bodies. Perhaps not surprisingly, they turn out to be Zeds.
  • Though wounded, Felix is still engaged. He’s set up on the outside of the wall, steadying his weapon with his off hand and scanning the area where we believe the sniper to be.
  • Evan and I reach the room where we believe the sniper to be. It looks like a normal apartment. I make my way around a couch and find someone who appears to be Abstergo security. He has a pistol drawn and it seems that I’ve walked right into his line of fire. Somehow, I manage to kick away his pistol while Evan comes up behind him and pistol whips him in the head.
  • At this point, the Goodemotes aren’t doing so well. Both have been grappled by one of the undead and have sustained neck wounds. However, they recover tactically and are able to give the ghouls their final rest.
  • Lest we forget about Bob, as he’s making his way up to the top of the building, he runs into Dr. Alan Van der Haar! After a bit of a standoff, the doctor attempts to escape at which point Bob lets some lead fly. The doctor closes to melee distance at which Bob plugs him (don’t try that at home, kids; Bob’s a professional). Upon the doctor’s retreat, he gets shot at again by Bob. But he is able to escape by jumping from the roof to the ground! Don’t try that at home.
  • After the behind-the-couch assailant is dealt with, the bedroom door closest to us explodes due to a gun being shot at us through it. Luckily for us, we still have an ace in the hole. Despite his dominant hand being crippled, Felix is able to land a couple of rounds on our assailant, thus putting him out of commission.
  • A search of the apartment turns up a wanted poster for Felix. It appears that Abstergo is after him!
  • We end the session by regrouping at which point I produce some First Aid Spray to heal our recently bitten comrades.
Session 1.3

Session 1(3) was played on 2012-02-26.

Players present

Session Summary

  • We ended the last session in City Hall after a fire fight with some security guards. As we start searching the bodies, we hear a radio communication from one of the bodies essentially telling us that our time here is limited; someone heard the commotion and now know that the team sent to investigate this location is down.
  • We make a hasty search of what bodies we can and then proceed to vacate premises. We find what amounts to an aerosolized green herb, which is used on Eric and Bob to get them back to consciousness
  • As we’re leaving City Hall, we are told that there are patrols of Humvees roving the area.
  • We hole up and plot our next course of action. Looking at one of the tourist brochures swiped from City Hall, we see that there’s a pharmacy on the North end of town. As it turns out the subway station that, in theory, leads to the lab that we’re supposed to get to is near there, so it seems like a good direction to head in.
  • We then receive word that a man in a lab coat has been spotted in the southeast section of the city. Upon hearing that, Tony-Mike starts booking it with Felix right behind. Katie and Ben stay behind with our slower moving (due to injuries) companions.
  • Tony and Felix arrive at the building that is pointed out by our observer and decide to go in. It seems that the scientist doesn’t want to parlay; when Felix confronts him, the scientist starts shooting! While this is all going on, the rest of the party arrives and stakes out positions hoping to cut off any escape the scientist might make.
  • A game of cat and mouse ensues in the building between Felix and the scientist. As soon as Felix thinks that he has the guy cornered, the man jumps out of a second story window!
  • As the guy lands in front of Ben, Felix shoots him in the leg. He doesn’t appear too phased by that and the fact that Ben has a gun trained on him. Incidentally, the scientist seems to recognize Ben, though the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual. He starts to run (very quickly!) as a grenade-shaped item drops to the ground. Ben runs from this.
  • It turns out the grenade was a flashbang. Many of the party are temporarily stunned by it.
  • Given the speed at which he was running, the group decides that a foot race is not advisable. Instead, we decide to see what the scientist was doing here. A search of the building turns up a laptop with some video files of animal testing of the T-Virus on it and a security card. The latter seems to be one half of the entry into the subway (the other half being the corresponding retina scan)
  • At this point, we receive word that Evan and Jeff’s position has been compromised and that they are under fire. Not wanting to leave a man in a bad position, we decide that the best course of action is to help out.
  • We make our way to a section of the outer wall that is only about 5 feet tall. Over it, we can see a hill that has a group of armed men making their way up it. We receive confirmation that the top of this hill is where our compatriots are holed up.
  • The majority of our group makes its way over the wall. Felix, being a crack shot, decides it better to hang back and use the wall as a brace.
  • We engage the group and sustain casualties: Katie, Eric, and Bobby all go down (the latter two really didn’t have a chance due to their previous wounds)! But the group prevails. The session ends with Ben producing a First Aid Spray and getting the wounded back to full health.
Session 1.2
  • We started at the gas station. While preparing for entry into the city, two trucks rolled up!
  • Eric and Bob decided to two man it up to one of the trucks all sneaky like to have a look at the cargo.
  • They get inside. Upon opening one of a couple of boxes in the back, it appears to be filled with plastic bags (approx 7’ long)
  • While those two were in the back of the truck, one of the truckmen’s radio goes off. It’s time for them to move.
  • As Katie and I see the trucks start to move, Bob signals over the radio that he thinks that this might be our way into the city.
  • Since we don’t have the benefit of time, Katie and I more or less run to try to get into the truck with Bob and Eric.
  • Oh noes… on our approach, it looks like we were spotted. Katie and I hit the dirt and train our weapons on the approaching truckmen. Meanwhile, Bob smartly closes the back of the truck so he and Eric aren’t spotted.
  • They decide that they have better things to do than look for what was likely a deer or something and get back in their trucks.
  • Katie and I finish our approach and hop on the back of the truck. After some shenanigans, all four of us are in the cargo hold of the truck.
  • A short ride later and we appear to be in the interior of the fence. However, we’re stuck in the back of the truck as the truckmen latched the door from the outside since we got in.
  • We wait for them to come in and grab one of the boxes (which we know to be pretty heavy since Bob tried to move one earlier).
  • In accordance with the prophecy, a couple of guys come in to grab one of the boxes. We’re hiding behind the other boxes, hoping that they’ll leave the door open.
  • And they do! After checking that the coast is clear, we jump truck and make our way to what appears to be a government building of some sort.
  • Inside are some offices with computers and whatnot. Of note, there’s a room with a metal door and a keypad.
  • Katie correctly guesses the combination on the keypad to be the year of the city’s incorporation (which she saw on one of the tourism brochures in one of the offices)
  • Inside appears to be a server room, though there is more equipment here than an office of this size would suggest. There’s also a terminal.
  • I access the terminal. There’s a bunch of boring government-looking documents and one folder that appears to be locked down quite a bit tighter than the others.
  • As I’m trying to gain access, some security guards come by. It would appear that our egress from the trucks didn’t go unnoticed!
  • A firefight ensues. I (perhaps unwisely in retrospect) keep at the computer work while Katie, Eric, and Bob shoot it out with the security guards.
  • I unlock the folder while the firefight is still going on. Almost as soon as I join the fray, Eric and Bob are taken down. Oh noes!
  • I chuck a grenade in their general direction. One of the guards attempts to pick it up and throw it back, but Katie says “nuh uh” and shoots him for his trouble.
  • The grenade explodes, and the rest of the firefight concludes w/o incident.
  • Bob and Eric are still in a bad way. They’re going to need first aid of some sort sooner than later.